Radd Repro Christmas Giveaway! (Update: It's over)

Merry Christmas, and thank you for your continued support! As a token of my gratitude, it’s time for the Radd Repro Christmas Giveaway! There are three simple rules. Like Radd Repro. Like this update. Comment on this update. That’s it. Once you have done all three, you’ve entered the giveaway! It’ll run until Monday, December 7th. On Wednesday. December 9th I’ll announce a winner. The prize is this beautiful special edition “Mario red” copy of Super Mario Bros. for Sega Genesis. Be sure to enter the Twitter giveaway as well http://twitter.com/radd_repro the prize there is a special edition “Bomber blue” copy of Mega Man: The Wily Wars!


Honest repros

The idea of reproduction carts sometimes carries a negative stigma because there have been cases of people passing them off as originals. I make every effort to ensure the games I build aren't confused for originals. Firstly, I try to make sure the cartridge label artwork is modified in some way, using UK or Japanese artwork in place of the original (which in most cases is better than the USA artwork anyway). Next, I place a "RE-ASSEMBLED IN USA" label on the back. Finally, I label the EPROM on the inside with the chip type, name of game, developer, and the date I built it. My hope is that when people see my games, they see beautiful collectible carts, but still know they're looking at a repro.


Back up and running!

Back up and running full capacity with new payment options in place. New items incoming over the next couple of weeks, including some suggestions from you guys. I'm discovering some great new retro ROM hacks thanks to you, and you'll be seeing them here shortly! Added today, a ROM hack of Street Fighter II' Special Champion Edition. Improved colors, voices and cartridge artwork! As my thanks to you for your continued support, the Radd Repro Christmas Contest is coming soon! Stay tuned...