New games available on the shop!

Three new games incoming!

Sonic the Hedgehog FM (Sega Master System)
Shining Force II: Shining Tactics Absolute Final Edition (Sega Genesis)
NHL '94: 2017 Edition (Sega Genesis)

Also, I have one copy of NHL '94: 2016 Edition left over that I'll be mega discounting to make room on my shelf for copies of NHL '94: 2017 Edition. Also Lagrange Point for Famicom and Phantasy Star FM for Sega Master System are back in stock! Finally got off my butt and made this happen, and more on the way!

Here is a companion video I made for my recent Sega Master System FM offerings to explain the audio differences. Note that retail USA copies of these two titles do not natively contain the FM audio, only the ROM hacked versions from my shop used in conjunction with the db Electronics Power Base Converter Mini FM will give you this experience!


Work work work!

Jammin' out to Shovel Knight soundtrack while building video games, you call this work? Just completed two copies of Sonic 3 Complete, movin' on to Phantasy Star Retranslated for SMS. More Lagrange Point coming next. Busy busy! I'll let you know when these are back for sale!


Major announcements!

First of all, Radd Repro now has a BLOG! This way you won't need a social media account to keep up with the latest I'm cooking up. And I'm cooking up something BIG, literally! I'll soon be branching out beyond game cartridges, to begin designing and building arcade cabinets! This one is slowly getting off the ground with help from my former EGM/Gaming FM co-conspirator and pal Danyon Carpenter. We're super excited to start building our prototype cab, the format of which I'll keep under wraps for now. However when it's done, the good folks at Pixel Blast Arcade in Lisle, IL have graciously agreed to play host to our amazing machine. Don't worry, I'll still be churning out my existing repro cartridges, in fact a restock is coming soon. I'm also still doing research and development on some new ROM hacks and carts. Stay tuned and thanks my friends!


"Kept you waiting huh?"

The Radd Repro shop is restocked and updated with a few new items! Thank you for your patience and support! Enjoy!



The shop will be offline for a week while I'm out of state for vacation. When I return I'll bring the shop back up with new items I've been talking up the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy them, stay tuned and thanks!


REVEAL: LaGrange Point w/English Translation Patch

Somebody came close and guessed Castlevania 3. This is Lagrange Point! Castlevania 3 (aka Akumajo Densetsu for Famicom) uses the VRC6 expansion exclusively used by Konami to enhance the audio and video to levels not possible before. If you look close at the board, this game uses the even more advanced VRC7! The most advanced NES title in existence. The music in this game is unrecognizable as a NES soundtrack and sounds more like Genesis. Konami really made something special here, this is the only game of its kind. But in typical fashion, this Final Fantasy style RPG never made it to the USA. Recently I was made aware of an English translation ROM hack by a fan who wanted this one. I bought a copy of my own for R&D, and it's now a working English version! So I'll be posting this copy for sale shortly. Be aware since this cart has a taller form factor it doesn't fit inside a Famicom adapted NES cartridge (like I've done for past NES repros). So I'll have to sell this one as a Famicom cartridge. Which means you'll either need a Famicom to play, or a NES with 47k resistor audio mod and modded Famicom to NES pin adapter to play on NES (and be able to hear VRC7 expansion audio). I can provide these hardware mods along with the game via special request on my Etsy shop. Please look forward to this title soon!