REVEAL: LaGrange Point w/English Translation Patch

Somebody came close and guessed Castlevania 3. This is Lagrange Point! Castlevania 3 (aka Akumajo Densetsu for Famicom) uses the VRC6 expansion exclusively used by Konami to enhance the audio and video to levels not possible before. If you look close at the board, this game uses the even more advanced VRC7! The most advanced NES title in existence. The music in this game is unrecognizable as a NES soundtrack and sounds more like Genesis. Konami really made something special here, this is the only game of its kind. But in typical fashion, this Final Fantasy style RPG never made it to the USA. Recently I was made aware of an English translation ROM hack by a fan who wanted this one. I bought a copy of my own for R&D, and it's now a working English version! So I'll be posting this copy for sale shortly. Be aware since this cart has a taller form factor it doesn't fit inside a Famicom adapted NES cartridge (like I've done for past NES repros). So I'll have to sell this one as a Famicom cartridge. Which means you'll either need a Famicom to play, or a NES with 47k resistor audio mod and modded Famicom to NES pin adapter to play on NES (and be able to hear VRC7 expansion audio). I can provide these hardware mods along with the game via special request on my Etsy shop. Please look forward to this title soon!

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