Major announcements!

First of all, Radd Repro now has a BLOG! This way you won't need a social media account to keep up with the latest I'm cooking up. And I'm cooking up something BIG, literally! I'll soon be branching out beyond game cartridges, to begin designing and building arcade cabinets! This one is slowly getting off the ground with help from my former EGM/Gaming FM co-conspirator and pal Danyon Carpenter. We're super excited to start building our prototype cab, the format of which I'll keep under wraps for now. However when it's done, the good folks at Pixel Blast Arcade in Lisle, IL have graciously agreed to play host to our amazing machine. Don't worry, I'll still be churning out my existing repro cartridges, in fact a restock is coming soon. I'm also still doing research and development on some new ROM hacks and carts. Stay tuned and thanks my friends!

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