New games available on the shop!

Three new games incoming!

Sonic the Hedgehog FM (Sega Master System)
Shining Force II: Shining Tactics Absolute Final Edition (Sega Genesis)
NHL '94: 2017 Edition (Sega Genesis)

Also, I have one copy of NHL '94: 2016 Edition left over that I'll be mega discounting to make room on my shelf for copies of NHL '94: 2017 Edition. Also Lagrange Point for Famicom and Phantasy Star FM for Sega Master System are back in stock! Finally got off my butt and made this happen, and more on the way!

Here is a companion video I made for my recent Sega Master System FM offerings to explain the audio differences. Note that retail USA copies of these two titles do not natively contain the FM audio, only the ROM hacked versions from my shop used in conjunction with the db Electronics Power Base Converter Mini FM will give you this experience!

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