A brand new stage!

Well for those that didn't attend Midwest Gaming Classic, the big reveal was that I am opening an arcade venue in the Chicago area! It's a new concept, a home console arcade. take a look at the Arcade816 page for pictures from the show, including the epic Genesis prototype cabinet I built, running my repros all day at the show!

Sadly, as one door opens, another closes. The opening of this arcade will mean my time is limited from here till opening day next year, so I will no longer be running the shop on Etsy. However, you can contact me for special requests if your price is right.

Thank you so much to all my loyal fans and customers for your support, encouragement, and patronage. I look forward to the next stage! My arcade will have many of my repros available for play, so please visit next year if you have reason to visit Chicago, I'd love to meet you! Follow my progress at the Arcade816 Facebook Page. Thanks and best regards!


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