The Video Games You Remember: Only Better

Owner/Developer/Designer: Ray Price

I enjoy tinkering with electronics, and I love retro video games. I became fascinated with ROM hacking, which adds new features or can completely change an old video game, making it new again. I decided I wanted to have cartridges of some of my favorite ROM hacks, and I thought other people might too.

I know there are easier ways to play these games (flash carts and emulators), but to me nothing beats an original cartridge with proper label and case for a game that never really existed.

I know some people are against reproductions because it ruins old cartridges. This is why I only choose donor carts of unpopular games with defects like torn labels or rental stickers. However, if you prefer I can make you a game out of completely new materials for a little extra.

My cartridges are clean, I will never send you a dirty cartridge. They come in keep cases with beautiful artwork on the cart and both sides of the case. I brand the cartridges as reproduction on the back and inside so there will be no confusion, and hopefully nobody trying to pass these off as originals.

 I stand by the quality of my carts, if I wouldn't put it on my shelf, I won't send it to you. If there are any issues with compatibility, quality, or gameplay, I will issue a refund or replacement.

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